Brian’s visit

** I seem to be ridiculously lagging behind in logging life and it’s taken me a while to write up the Brian visit. For those new to my journal, Brian lives in the USA and we were long distance dating for years until covid hit travel plans. We broke up and didn’t see one another… Continue reading Brian’s visit

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Facebook has pegged it for now

So Facebook has gone down. It’s “down” along with the other sites they own, WhatsApp and Instagram. It’s interesting how we come to rely on social media sites as part of modern day technology used to communicate and connect people together and it’s hard to imagine life without facebook now, even though I managed okay… Continue reading Facebook has pegged it for now

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A change is in the air

I feel as though life is in the process of changing rapidly around me at the moment and I’m waiting for things to slow down. I’ve a post to write about work changes for this school year, I want to log my goals, hopes and dreams for the Autumn/winter months and I’ve still to knock… Continue reading A change is in the air

Brian revisted

After my previous post, I came to be thinking about what I’d love to accomplish from writing a novel and I think a goal that I would feel happy with is completing it within a year or so, self publishing it and having at least one person consume the story I wish to share from… Continue reading Brian revisted

Being a writer

A friend mailed me a book to read recently so I ventured off into the garden to immerse myself into the story for a while. One thing I thought about whilst reading it was how much I prefer books to “get to the point” of the story, books that focus on the characters, plot and… Continue reading Being a writer

Life lately

It’s been over a month since I posted although I’m not really sure why. I guess life has just got in the way. Anyway, I think this entry will be a little bit of a run down over “life lately”, rather than anything profound. I might just break up “life lately” into two or three… Continue reading Life lately

Applying facebook damage control over a penpal problem

Ever since I were a teenager, I’ve always written with postal penpals as a way to share lives and connect with strangers through handwritten word letters. I guess as a shy person, this was the way I often came to know other people and crossed paths with people I wouldn’t ordinarily in more conventional settings.… Continue reading Applying facebook damage control over a penpal problem

Creating content

One thing that is interesting about now cross posting to two blog platforms is observing how conversations evolve in the two places. In fact, it takes me back to once when I separated my LiveJournal friends list into two separate groups and posted the beginning of a short story. The idea was for people to… Continue reading Creating content

The old ICQ internet days

I found myself browsing an old website of a friend created years ago, found reference to the chat programme ICQ from way back then in the internet old days and decided to try to dust off my account. In the process, I discovered a web version, which I ended up on using my mobile number.… Continue reading The old ICQ internet days

35 things about me

Thanks for the warm welcome to WordPress. It’s amazing to discover such a wide sense of a blogging community here. I’ve started having a poke around some of your blogs and I’ll complete this mission at the weekend. Until I sort out a proper profile, I thought I’d write a little introduction post in the… Continue reading 35 things about me

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