Blogging experiment

So I’ve been thinking about my future journal journey off and on lately and what direction to take it in. The journal at LiveJournal has been “friends only” to a select audience for many years now. In fact, it’ll soon be 20 years since I became a blogger and I guess I ought to throw a party to mark the event, lol. That is a thought for another time, though. For now, I am pondering how the experience is going to present itself going forwards.

Anyway, I’ve decided to embark on somewhat of a blogging experiment. A friend imported all of my past blog posts over onto an account I have at WordPress and so I am going to be cross posting my future entries to both places. The biggest change in dynamics of me going down this route is it means that I will be giving it a go of making my journal public, rather than “locked”. I feel as though it requires a sense of bravery on my part to open up my thoughts to the world to be critics but on the other hand, will the result be me self filtering things and not being AS open in the way I have shared myself here? We’ll see what happens and as I say, it’s an experiment of sorts. LJ posts will continue to be locked as they are now, by the way.

Other than keeping up with a couple of friends who post on WordPress and not here really, I do see a few advantages of trying this out going forwards. Cross posting allows me to dip my virtual toes into a wider pool of people in a wider community and maybe meet new blogging friends I wouldn’t have otherwise within LJ. Not only that, it could be useful as a way to share some of my posts with close friends away from blogging who might feel they can keep up with my ramblings easier over a public blog link over having to create an account or log in somewhere. Or maybe I can write up an event and just share the link with friends and family. So many possibilities. Additionally, a back up of my journal is useful overall. Just to make it clear, I am NOT leaving LiveJournal, just am going to WordPress my words, too. And I hope to soon link my spare domain name with it, also.

So here’s to a new chapter of sharing my story, thoughts, observations, dreams and goals.

By webgirluk

Just a lost girl finding her way in life - anyone got a map? ;)


  1. Welcome! I’m visiting from Jonathan’s blog and hope you enjoy your experience here. I’ve bounced around from site to site for more years than I care to count, but call this home now. The WP learning curve can be steep, but the quality of community makes up for it. Jump in… and enjoy!


      1. WP recently changed its editor from the classic…. read simple and user friendly… to this clunky new block thing. I can’t stand it but I’m muddling through because I love the site and the people I’ve met. They do offer numerous tutorials on how to get started if you’re interested.


  2. Welcome. You’ll find us to be an unruly lot, but mostly kind, and genuinely interested in building community and sharing. Since you’re no stranger to blogging, I’m sure you’ll take to it like a fish to swimming. Enjoy! Don’t be afraid to reach out, if WordPress presents a challenge.


  3. Welcome. I am here from Jonathans’s blog. I, too, began journaling years ago on LiveJournal with a small private group. My sister was one of my closed group and since she passed away, I go back there to revisit all our old interactions. I will always keep those posts. You will find this a very welcoming and kind community. Welcome!

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    1. Hi Maggie. That’s interesting you started out at LJ yourself. I am sorry to hear of your sister. I live with one of mine over a life share and can’t begin to imagine losing her. I think it’s lovely you kept all the memories over the interactions together. It shows one of the large reasons why we blog. And thank you for the welcome 🙂

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      1. I am so happy to welcome you here. I started on LiveJournal when it required getting an authorization code from an existing user. Imagine that today! My memories are precious as I am sure yours are. I look forward to reading more from you.

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  4. I too am visiting from Jonathan’s blog. Twenty years is pretty dedicated. I tip my hat to you. My only advice on WordPress? Be picky about who you follow and who you allow to follow you. If you get to many follows, you will be unable to keep up, and more importantly, you will find most of them are just pretenders, wanting you to follow them so they can increase their numbers.


    1. Thank you. I have been dedicated to it for all these years over the other blog place and I am curious to see how I can share words and create connection wider. I hear you over the following thing and I would rather connect with 20 deeper over 200 where people don’t really speak 🙂

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  5. Welcome. You will find that this blogging community is so very kind, encouraging, and fun. With that being said, keep writing how YOU want to write and it will all fall into place.


  6. Welcome to Word Press. I’ve used various platforms over the years and while WP can be a nightmare, it can also be a dream. If nothing else, it allows you to connect with other bloggers… often talking about how WP is a nightmare.

    I’m here from a link in Jonathon’s blog, btw. “Hi!”


  7. Proof that we’re all one big community? 2/3 of the people who have left you comments are blogging friends of mine, too.

    Welcome aboard! I had a LiveJournal many years ago. Honestly didn’t know it was still around.


    1. Oh wow at all the interconnected people. That’s a good sense of community and makes things interesting. LJ still has a following but I guess a lot smaller than it was 20 years ago when I first signed up.


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